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The SHEFFA Philosophy

Sheffa is an ancient word for abundance. It’s also the sublime energy that moves through all creation, Earth-supporting and nourishing, giving in a boundless flow to all beings. Sheffa is what food should be—a wealth of enjoyment and sustenance. After all, food is energy. Real food is loaded with simple, pure energy that flows from nature.
We believe that a quality diet should center on eating a range of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and vegetarian proteins, like legumes, nuts and seeds. When eaten whole and in variety, they work synergistically to give our bodies what they need. The less processed the food, the more of its original life force it contains.
Our mission is to bring you foods with an abundance of delicious, authentic flavor as well as vital energy. We start with the finest ingredients available—whole, unprocessed, natural foods—then skillfully blend them to create an exceptional balance of flavors, textures, and essential nutrients. We want you to love the foods that love you back.
We wish you Sheffa!
Leslie & Amotz