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This is a story of the fiber and polymer scientist and the personal assistant: two friends who became partners and together, created a new brand of foods.

After many years of study and more years as a research professor, Amotz decided to change directions and pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations. Once he made that decision, the plan for Sheffa Foods—and his partnership with Leslie—emerged over an amazingly short period of time.

Leslie was a personal assistant and a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef Training Program. Happy in her job of nearly 7 years, Amotz proposed that she shake things up a bit and partner with him. Resistant at first, she ultimately could not deny her own entrepreneurial spirit. And, in November of 2006, together they officially launched Sheffa Foods, Inc. and made their first sale.

With no formal experience in the retail food industry, starting Sheffa was a great leap, requiring both Amotz and Leslie to stretch, adapt and challenge themselves in new ways. Still willing to step out of their comfort zones with dedication, the story (and their friendship) continues — a journey with something new to learn each day!