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TASTY Snack Mix



Lightly salted toasted nuts, seeds, and legumes mixed with sweet raisins, tropical fruits, and a hint of chili

We had a difficult time coming up with a one-word name that would describe our Tasty Snack Mix. Lightly sweet and kissed with sea salt, it’s crunchy, chewy and has a spicy little kick to boot. Simply, well…tasty! Grab a handful and taste for yourself!
        Sprinkle on salads
          Add it to breakfast cereal or oatmeal
            Add to tofu, tuna or chicken salad
              Mix with popcorn or Garnish fruit salad
                  Vegan / Kosher / Gluten Free / No MSG / Non GMO / No Trans Fat / No Cholesterol / Low Sodium
                  Ingredients: Peanuts, roasted corn, raisins, soybeans, dried papaya, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts,
                  dried pineapple,organic cane sugar, dates syrup, dried coconut, spices, sea salt and sunflower oil.