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Mediterranean Salad Sprinkles


Lightly seasoned roasted almonds and cashews with toasted soybeans, chickpeas and seeds, deliciously rich in nutrients

Our award-winning Mediterranean Salad Sprinkles is so flavorful and versatile, it delights salad enthusiasts and converts reluctant salad-eaters at the same time. Crunchy and nutritionally dense, with a great balance of vegetarian protein, Mediterranean Salad Sprinkles is an excellent, healthy alternative to high-carb (and nutritionally lacking) croutons. Sprinkled liberally over your favorite greens, it instantly turns any salad into a balanced meal!

    Sprinkle on your favorite salads
      Top steamed or sautéed vegetables
        Scatter on top of rice, rice pilaf, other grains or pasta
          Add to plain yogurt for a savory treat
            And of course, eat as a healthy and satiating snack!
                    Vegan / Kosher / Gluten Free / No MSG / Non GMO / No Trans Fat / No Cholesterol / Low Sodium
                    Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, soybeans, chickpeas, cashews, almonds, sesame seeds, spices, and sea salt.